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Contest ended December 31st, 2015

This contest has ended. Congrats to @saltnpepperhere for winning!

Winning Recipe

Congratulations to saltnpepperhere for her winning recipe Shanghai Wontons! There’s nothing quite like a traditional recipe passed down through the family. We’re so impressed by the expert wonton folding; we love learning new tips and techniques from the talented Kitchenbowl community. Also, a big congratulations to misshangrypants for her amazing Udon Noodle Soup recipe as this contest's runner-up. Another traditional, cozy meal we can’t wait to try our hands at (or feet!). And congratulations to huangkitchen for her Pineapple Jam recipe as honorable mention. What a creative take on jam with one of our favorite tropical fruits. Thank you to everyone who entered! We’re so inspired by all of your delicious creations.