Lunar New Year Contest

Contest ended February 19, 2015

This contest has ended! Congrats to @harukohayakawa for winning!

Winning Recipe

This contest was incredibly difficult to judge, because you guys really raised the quality bar for Kitchenbowl recipes. Never in the history of our app have we seen such creativity and artistry (and effort!) shine through, through the recipes. In the end, we really had to go with @harukohayakawa's tang yuan recipe, because tang yuan are the quintessential Chinese New Year dish, yet she elevated the classic by making it her own. As she writes on Instagram, "I’m Japanese so my family doesn’t celebrate Lunar New Year but I do celebrate Chinese New Year with my fiance’s family. I wanted to come up with something that was a fusion of two food cultures. Something that symbolizes the unity of two different cultures that make up our relationship. So, I came up with a Zenzai inspired take on Tang Yuan." And we love that. What makes Kitchenbowl stand out from all the other recipe sites out there is not only our easy-to-follow format but also the creativity and personal touches you guys reflect in each dish. Congrats to @misshangrypants and @bridgetlcooks for being runner up's in this contest. You two will also be receiving something special from us!