Snacktime Favorites

Contest ends September 30th, 2016

This contest has ended. Congrats to @misshangrypants for winning!

Winning Recipe

Thanks to everyone who entered our Snacktime Favorites Contest! As a twist to our traditional contests, where we choose winners based on creativity, originality and clarity, this time we also judged winning recipes by their popularity on Kitchenbowl and Instagram. We ultimately chose @misshangrypants’ Tuna Mayo Onigiri recipe! This dish can be made easily and served as a snack or a meal! @lovejanjackson’s Coconut Avocado No Churn Ice Cream was a close runner up. Coconut avocado ice cream makes for a perfect healthy snack! Coming in third is @huangkitchen’s Mini Lotus Paste Mooncakes for clarity of recipe. Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to everyone who entered this contest!