Spring Cleaning

Contest ended May 31st, 2016

This contest has ended. Congrats to @freshchefnikki for winning!

Winning Recipe

Thanks to everyone who entered our Spring Cleaning Recipe Contest. We chose the winner based on creativity, clarity, originality and adherence to the them. @freshchefnikki’s Orange Chicken Sushirrito recipe, the delicious marriage of sushi and a burrito, came in first place with its creative use of leftover pantry ingredients! And @justlim’s Roasted Spiced Orangeade was a close runner-up for great use of extra citrus fruits and instructive video steps. @jelena_sequoia’s Quinoa with Apple Sauce and a Mango Rose was chosen as honorable mention — what a delicious and eye-pleasing breakfast treat. Congratulations to our winners and thanks again for entering, we're always so inspired by your creative recipes!