Sandra is a busy mom of three who's turned her love for cooking into a successful food blog. We interviewed her as a part of an ongoing series featuring our amazing Kitchenbowl contributors.

When and why did you start a food blog?

I started my blog five years ago, because I was bored -just kidding. It was suppose to be for fun, something to keep me entertained and at the same time I wanted to share home cooked meals and ideas with other families around the globe.

Little that I knew it became more than just a hobby, although it's still fun. I am extremely fortunate and happy to have the opportunity to do this full time, to grow in every aspect, and ascertain the changes that my blog goes through each year.

Growing up, I was passionate about photography and writing, and food came as a "must". We need to eat, so I learned a thing or two about cooking, and now I can share my 20 years of home-cooking through my blog. S. E. Cooking. It really fulfills everything that I am passionate about. I'll keep blogging until I can still feel that I inspire others in some ways to cook, to make home-cooked meals, and of course until I've the passion to continue what makes me happy.

What type of food do you enjoy cooking the most?

It's hard to say which one I enjoy cooking the most, because I really love to experiment daily with different cuisines. I cook lots of Asian influenced meals, but every cuisine is welcome at our table.

I definitely love making delicious Italian dishes, spicy Korean stews and soups, comforting noodles and the list is seriously endless.

Shamrock Smoothie: Kale, Banana, Kiwi and Mandarin

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Who inspires you to cook?

I don't think anybody inspires me to cook, per se, I just like it!

If I crave something, I get up and make it. My kids have been cooking with me since they were toddlers and they love to cook as much as I do. We create beautiful memories together. Maybe that inspires me the most. Personally, photography is a moment to escape from reality for me, but cooking is my therapy, where I listen to music, think about things, refining my opinions, while chopping some veggies. Also, I cook to show people how much I love them.

I believe that we all have our favorite "celebrity" chef, and mine is: Alton Brown.

What's your most favorite recipe?

I literally make bread every single day, so I would go with the bread as my favorite recipe. One of my favorite types of bread is whole wheat Irish soda bread, and it's on kitchenbowl.

Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread, detailed on Sandra's blog, too!

Any cooking tips?

We don't need to limit ourselves and only cook what we are comfortable cooking and eating, but I encourage you to experiment, and see what else is out there that you might like. Cook smart and enjoy it.

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