Tracy is the force behind the blog Served From Scratch. She makes homemade ricotta as easily as you can make peanut butter toast. As the name implies, her recipes are homemade and from scratch. No shortcuts. We interviewed her as part of our ongoing series to highlight the bloggers and cooks on Kitchenbowl.

Why did you start a food blog? Tell us a bit about your blog.

I really had no intention of ever starting a food blog.

I did want to start cooking from scratch more- making our own homemade condiments and breads and cheeses. So, I searched for a From Scratch cooking blog to follow to get inspiration. I couldn't find one I liked.

My husband said to me, "Why don't you write your own?" "Huh, that could be fun..." was my response and here I am! Served From Scratch is the scratch cooking food blog I'd originally sought out for!

What’s the first recipe made from scratch?

The first recipe I made from scratch on my blog was homemade Tahini mainly because I was on a huge homemade hummus kick and I was so excited to be able to make our own condiments from scratch.

What’s your secret to creating original recipes?

Quite honestly, most of the recipes on my site are not 100% original. I've gone to the 'experts' to find inspiration and adapt from there, especially if I'm looking to recreate something specific form scratch.

When I do create original recipes it's when I'm starring at my fridge wondering what to make for dinner with what I have on hand. My biggest problem with this is to remember to write them down to later share!

Tell us about a recipe that changed the way you cook?

Any time I read any of Alton Brown's recipes, I learn something new about cooking. So I guess the first Alton Brown recipe I made, his Wok Fried Peanut Butter changed the way I cook because it encouraged me to read his cookbooks which are just amazing- they're like reading a culinary textbook! His emphasis on the science behind different methods is so fascinating. I'm beginning to see / understand the different chemical reactions involved in cooking!

What’s in a "From Scratch" pantry?

  • Salt. Lots of different kinds of salt.
  • Rennet and Citric acid - so I'm always ready to turn some milk into mozzarella!
  • Flour and yeast - so I'm always ready to make bread!
  • And a bonus must: A delicious red wine. Because drinking wine while making something complex from scratch like ricotta tortellini or just making lots of different things at once, totally goes hand in hand.

What’s your favorite social network?

I love Instagram.

Mainly because beautiful photos of food invoke such a visceral reaction and having just that, a constant stream of beautiful photos is amazing.

And hunger-inducing.

Challenge question! In your fridge you have: heavy cream, bacon, asparagus, rhubarb, peas, and a leg of lamb. What would you make?

I am totally in summer mode right now so I would bust out the grill for the lamb!

I'd throw the rhubarb in the food processor with some oil and mint, slather it on the leg of lamb and grill it next to some bacon wrapped asparagus. Then I'd make a quick cream cheese out of the heavy cream with some lemon juice and make a beautifully simple cream cheese pea crostini with a homemade baguette!

I'd call it Summer Rhubarb Lamb with Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asparagus and Ricotta Pea Crostini.

Yum! I'm going to have to go get all of these ingredients to make all of this!!

Cornell Chicken on Served from Scratch

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