Creating Art With Coffee Beans

February 20, 2015

Drawn to Liv Buranday’s beautiful coffee bean compositions, we decided to reach out to this Insta-famous artist and learn what inspires her. Liv Buranday is a 24-year-old nurse from the Philippines, and more specifically, the island of Cebu. She’s most well-known for her work on Instagram under the hashtag, #groundcoffeeart.

Never stop growing as a person. Never stop learning, and never ever stop exploring.

What was the inspiration behind #GroundCoffeeArt?

What inspired me to do #groundcoffeeart is my father's love for coffee. I've always known him to love brewed coffee, and then a thought occurred when he opened that Folger's Classic Roast — perhaps I can use its contents as art!

You've been featured by Instagram. How has your life changed since then?

Instagram has helped me in a pretty awesome way. It has pushed me to become creative in the virtual and real world. I didn't expect to feel accomplished after finishing pieces made of ground coffee, leaves or flowers, or whatever bits and pieces I found; create art that tells a story or stood for something regardless of how simple they are; then to be able to share it to the world and be appreciated for making it — it's totally amazing.

Can you describe the process of your art creation?

In my first #groundcoffeeart, I listed a few concepts or series on what to post every week, but later on I've decided to just create anything randomly. Some of my photos are inspired by what I see everyday, and some are just ideas that popped in my head. Often times, I search or refer on Google images then draw it (freehand) by myself. My previous #groundcoffeeart, I was only using my bare hands and toothpick to form the design, and I would redo it when there's a slight movement. Since then, I've decided to apply glue for its permanent effect.

I do sketch the outline first on a folder/canvas/illustration board, but most of the time I'm using a folder because I love the smooth texture and how the light reflects on it when a picture is taken. After sketching, I begin applying glue on the outline then add ground coffee one by one until all the spaces are filled. Depending on how intricate the designs are, it takes me anywhere from 3 hours to 48 hours to create each piece.

The process seems very tedious and requires a bit of mindful patience. Can you describe your mindset or philosophy when you work on these art pieces?

Patience is a must. That's why I always plan in the evening so that when I wake up after drinking coffee, I can work on it. Doing what you love and being passionate about it are always the keys, in order for you to have good results.

Any closing remarks or words of inspiration for our audience?

Never stop growing as a person. Never stop learning, and never ever stop exploring.

To learn more about Liv, please check out her website, Instagram, or Twitter.

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