Food Styling Tips

February 20, 2015

Berlin-based photographer and food-stylist, Laura and Nora, share with us five tips for staging and shooting beautiful food. The pair is so good at what they do that they’ve amassed over 180k fans on Instagram, including us.

Tip #1

Light is the most important thing for every picture and styling, so make sure that there is a good light. This picture was taken next to a window with natural light.

Tip #2

Sometimes, you can add flowers to a picture to make it more colorful.

Tip #3

An interaction, such as pouring syrup or milk, can make a picture more interesting.

Tip #4

Use fabrics like linen to make a material contrast.

Tip #5

A vintage surface gives the picture a unique look.

To learn more about Laura and Nora, please check out their blog or Instagram.

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