Lunar New Year Dishes

February 20, 2015

Our Lunar New Year contest came to a close last night, and picking a winner was no easy feat. You guys really raised the quality bar for Kitchenbowl recipes this time around, and also showed us the true meanings of "festive" and "feast" — as well as creativity. We've announced the winner and runner-ups below, as well as compiled a list of a few other notable recipes. Enjoy!

Team Kitchenbowl wishes everyone a happy new year! We hear eating fish and ingot-shaped dumplings bring good fortune, noodles brings longevity, and tang yuan brings everyone together — but you guys can let us know if that's true or not ;).

Winning Recipe: Deconstructed Tang Yuan Dessert

Tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) is the quintessential Chinese New Year dish because it's also a homophone for union (tuan yuan), representing how families come together for the new year. As @harukohayakawa writes on her Instagram, "I'm Japanese so my family doesn't celebrate Lunar New Year but I do celebrate Chinese New Year with my fiance's family. I wanted to come up with something that was a fusion of two food cultures. Something that symbolizes the unity of two different cultures that make up my fiancé and I's relationship. So, I came up with a Zenzai inspired take on Tang Yuan." We love what you've created — congrats on winning!

Honorable Mention: Kimchi Dumplings & Rice Cake Soup

Tteokguk is a traditional Korean dish eaten during the celebration of the Korean New Year, believed to grant good fortune and help you gain a year of age. However, @misshangrypants added something extra to spice up her dish: kimchi dumplings!

Honorable Mention: Bak Wan Kepiting (Pork & Crab Meatballs)

@bridgetlcooks writes that Bakwan kepiting is a Peranakan meatball dish made with fresh pork and crabmeat, simmered in a pork and chicken broth. You've got us drooling! Head on over to her recipe to see how to make it for yourself!

Not quite ready to go all-out Asian? Why don't we start with some familiar sweets, like ice-cream and bread pudding?

Black Sesame Ice Cream With Ginger & Orange Syrup

See how @lemonconspiracy uses the above ingredients to spice up and sweeten her black sesame ice-cream!

Jasmine Tea Bread Pudding With Blood Orange Cream

@Michimochi writes that Jasmine tea and citrus are Lunar New Year staples, so she infuses the two into an old favorite, bread pudding!

Want to go traditional? We've got recipes for that, too.

Oven Grilled Chinese Barbecue Pork

@Huangkitchen shows us how to make traditional Chinese barbecue pork from scratch in this 16-step recipe!

Pork and Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings

Our very own @jackipy shows us how to make traditional Chinese dumplings from scratch, in this 16-step recipe also showcasing our newest feature: video clips! We'll be releasing a recording functionality in our next update, so stay tuned!

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